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Data Services

  With an ever increasing reliance on technology and electronic information, protecting your company's data is more important than ever. This is why we offer a comprehensive set of solution services help secure your electronic data. Data services include the recovering, backing up, securing, transferring or destroying of sensitive information on any type of storage device.

  • Data Recovery
  •   Recovery of data consists of retrieving information from damaged storage devices or lost files. While most data may be recovered locally at one of our offices, our partnership with Flashback Data is there to assist with the most difficult and information critical cases.

  • Data Backup and Cloud Services
  •   Data backup services consist of creating a duplicate copy of information for safety and reliability reasons either locally or off-site. With off-site services, we offer a price effective yet secure solution for you data backup needs.

  • Data Security
  •   Data securing services include conducting a security audit of your server's configuration and or company practices to identify potential security risks. Once risks are identified then recommendations and adjustments can be made to address those risks.

  • Data Transfers
  •   Data transferring is simply the transferring of sensitive data from either a physical or electronic location to another while maintaining consistency and reliability.

  • Data Destruction
  •   Data destruction consists of properly erasing and disposing of electronic data and associated storage media such as hard drives.