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  Network development is simply the connecting of two or more computers together. Our network services include installing simple file sharing networks to more secure ones requiring the Windows 2012 Server operating system, and or implementing Virtualized Enviornments. These types of network can either be cable driven or wireless. Other networking services include:

  • Cabling & Infrastucture
  •   Infrastructure and cabling services include pre-wiring buildings for networking capabilities. Installation of physical cable lines, patch panels, switches, and all other associated connectors and hardware is part of the pre-wiring process.

  • Servers
  •   Servers provide essentials services across networks of all sizes. Examples include network user authentication and security, data storage, software application hosting, website hosting, advanced routing, and data processing services.

  • Routers
  •   Router and firewall services include the configuration of these devices for VPN tunnels (Remote Connections), security camera remote viewing, web access to email, web and FTP servers, and other IP address configurations.

  • VPN's
  •   Virtual Private Networks or VPN's is the establishing of a private network on top of another. More commonly VPN's have been seen in the connectivity between two physically separated offices or locations through the internet via a secure and encrypted configuration. This type of network allows the sharing and access of programs and files between two or more computers.

  • Lan Services
  •   Local Area network or LAN services consist of the installation and configuration of network equipment and peripherals. Equipment such as networked printers, scanners, and wireless access points are examples of devices that can be installed on networks for access. Networked or shared printers allow multiple computers to print to those devices therefore eliminating the need for multiple printers.

  • Wireless
  •    Our wireless services include the installation of wireless access points for wireless access by laptops, tablets, and cell phones for network and internet use. It also inculdes the installation of wireless bridges that can connect buildings that are physically seperated.