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Dental Practices

  We pride ourselves in providing technology services to most of the dental practices in South Texas. If you are currently in business, acquiring an existing practice, or about to build one from scratch, rest assure that we have what it takes to manage, upgrade, and design your technology system.

  Have questions about HIPPA compliance, integration of your practice management software, or disaster recovery options? Give us a call. We have experience with many dental vendor hardware and software products. Henry Schien is a premier vendor with whom we've we've established a strong working partnership in support of their products and software. Other products with which we have worked with include:
  • Casey
  • Dentrix
  • Eaglesoft
  • Easy Dental
  • Galileos
  • Iris
  • Kodak
  • Open Dental
  • Schick
  • Sidexis
  • Sirona